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High Unit Majors with Authorized Exceptions to Admission and GE Breadth Requirements

As part of the requirements for the CSU baccalaureate degree, all undergraduate students must complete the general education coursework. To meet the minimum admission requirements, transfer students are required to complete the basic skills general education coursework requirements in Communication from the English Language (areas A1, A2, A3); Quantitative Reasoning (B4); and Critical Thinking (A3) prior to transfer.

In cases where the California Community College transfer students are pursuing one of the high-unit degree program listed in the chart below, the students may be eligible to defer one or two general education course requirements until after transfer.

Undergraduate transfer students preparing for these high-unit major degree programs are granted an exception to complete one or more of the specified basic skills courses listed. These general education course(s) indicated as exceptions in the chart are integrate primarily in the upper division curriculum.

Campus Major GE-Breadth Area Exceptions Before Transfer
Chico Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical, Mechatronic) A3
Fresno Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Geomatics, Industrial, Mechanical) A3
Fullerton Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical) A3
Humboldt Environmental Resources Engineering A3
Long Beach Engineering (Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems) Computer Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Technology/Management, Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer Science) A3
Los Angeles Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) A3
Northridge Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Manufacturing Systems, Mechanical), Computer Science A3
San Bernardino Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer Engineering A3
San Francisco Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical) A3
San José

Biological Science (Marine Biology), Chemistry (Biochemistry), Engineering (Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, General, Electrical, Industrial and Systems, Materials, Mechanical, Software), Geology

San Luis Obispo Engineering (Aerospace, Architectural, Biomedical, Bioresource and Agricultural, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, General, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials, Mechanical, Software), Computer Science A3


GE-Breadth for STEM Majors Exceptions

Students earning an Associate Degree for Transfer in a high-unit STEM major where the GE-Breadth for STEM pattern is indicated by the Transfer Model Curriculum, are eligible to defer up to two lower-division GE courses until after the transfer.

Associate Degree for Transfer Major Degree One Course from Each of the GE-Breadth Areas Indicated
Biology AS-T only Area A and Area B
Chemistry AS-T only Area A and Area B


Disclaimer: All information provided in this publication is for academic year 2017-18. Information is current as of September 2016 and therefore subject to change without prior notice. Please visit the CSU campus websites or contact the specific campus for up-to-date information.