Research Initiatives and Partnerships

The SLI Language Program Model

The SLI Language Program Model includes three language development phases for each cohort of participants to move from low or mid-intermediate proficiency level to high intermediate or low-advanced level:

  1. Summer Immersion Language Study: a 6-week residential or extended day program that integrates language and culture courses of study. The program is open to students from any CSU campus or local community college who meet our admission criteria. Students receive in-class language instruction in the mornings and participate in cultural activities in the target language in the afternoons. The program includes language instruction, group activities, projects, online and individualized learning, guest lectures and field trips. Students also have access to a body of specialized language materials including target language websites, video/DVD documentaries, newspapers, magazines and other relevant and contemporary reading materials

  2. Academic Year Individualized Language Study: During the 10-month academic year, SLI participants continue to engage in language development activities, including face-to-face, mentoring, tutorial, and online coursework. All learning activities are designed to further advance language proficiency and to connect each studentís language learning with the content in his or her academic discipline via authentic written material and oral interaction. Faculty members from the studentís discipline, with native language skills may serve as mentors during the academic year. On-line language materials, organized and matched to the studentís abilities and academic needs, provide the majority of the reading and writing assignments. In addition to meetings with the mentor, periodic face-to-face intensive colloquia ensure oral proficiency development. Consistent tracking of student progress and feedback is provided via weekly and monthly activity logs and reports.

  3. Summer Study Abroad Immersion: SLI students who reach at least mid-intermediate level of the target language participate in a study abroad program designed to further advance studentsí language proficiency and broaden their cross-cultural experience. Students are obliged to use the target language at all times. SLI study abroad students design an independent field study project that will provide them with an in-depth experience in the host country and its culture, beyond the experience at the university and on excursions. The project should relate to studentsí field of study and future professional goals. Upon return, each student will make a formal presentation of the portfolio or report in the target language.