Professional Science Master's Program

Professional Program for Veterans and Military Personnel

The California State University (CSU) has developed a Veterans Initiative as part of its leadership in Professional Science Masterís (PSM) programs.

The purpose of the initiative is to make Professional Science Master's Degree and Certificate programs available to Veterans, Active Duty Military, and other members of the military community. The focus is on preparing military personnel who have backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields for employment in high demand science and technology positions in the civilian sector.

Professional Science and Online Programs

Two groups of CSU programs have been targeted for special focus in this graduate level Initiative due to the close fit with the needs of Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel.

The first group, Professional Science Masterís (PSM) programs, builds upon the skills of military personnel who have expertise in science and technology fields. Through the PSM Veterans Initiative, completion of PSM programs may begin with Online Certificate programs.

The online Certificate in Regulatory Affairs leads to Professional Science Masterís Programs preparing individuals for positions in the Life Sciences industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device firms.

The second group of programs are CSU Online Masterís Degree Programs. These programs are in a broad range of professional fields and can be completed entirely or primarily online. Many CSU campuses across the state offer one or more online Masterís degree programs.

Applying for Programs

The application for Professional Science Masterís Programs and for Online Masterís Programs is through the CSUMentor graduate application process.

The application process for the Certificate Programs in Regulatory Affairs does not entail enrollment as a graduate student. You can learn more about these programs and preregister at the the Professional Science Programs for Veterans and Military web site.

CSU Campus Veterans Affairs Coordinators

Additional information about these and other programs serving Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel can be provided by CSU campus Veterans Affairs Coordinators.

Both groups of programs qualify for use of Veteran and military benefits. Campus Veterans Affairs Coordinators are able to provide advice on completing and filing VA claim forms for GI Bill and military tuition assistance and on related matters.