Professional Science Master's Program

Prospective Students

Students in PSM programs are typically majors in mathematics, science, and engineering. The PSM graduate training prepares them for a range of careers that combine science, technology, and management. Most have immediate employment opportunities with leading firms in the nation's high growth sectors.

Within the California State University, students may currently enroll in PSM programs in biotechnology (an MBt degree program) at San Jose State University and at California State University, Fresno. The program at CSU Fresno includes an agricultural emphasis. CSU Stanislaus has an ongoing program in Genetic Counseling at CSU Stanislaus. San Diego State University currently offers a PSM Master of Science in Computational Science.

To apply to a CSU Professional Science Master's program, students should visit the campus Web site and Cal State Apply, the Web site at which graduate applications are filed online for the CSU system.