California Pre-Doctoral Program

Summer Research Opportunities For Current Pre-Doctoral Scholars

The California Pre-Doctoral Program provides a summer research experience opportunity for current Pre-Doctoral Scholars who will not be accepting admittance into a Ph.D. program for the fall 2019 year only.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the life of a graduate student in your discipline. If selected, you will participate in doctoral level research and scholarship with faculty at a University of California campus or other doctoral granting institution located in the United States. Your research experience may also include attending colloquia and seminars, taking GRE preparation classes, and having other experiences which allow you to participate in an actual doctoral program. Use this opportunity to see whether graduate education and faculty life is right for you!

For more information, please contact your campus coordinator for the Pre-Doctoral Program.

The Role of Faculty from Doctoral-Granting Programs

Faculty members from the University of California and other doctoral granting universities are an integral component of your Summer Research experience. Through this program faculty members have the opportunity to mentor you while you gain insight into doctoral work in departments of their disciplinary interest.

Matched with professors according to their common area of interest, students in the Summer Research experience are provided:

  • exposure to research methods in their discipline, including maximal hands-on involvement
  • exposure to disciplinary knowledge at the doctoral level
  • the benefit of a faculty mentor through a crucial career decision-making period