The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies

Registration and Fee Payment

MBt students apply to, are accepted at, and enroll and pay fees at their home campuses.

Visitor and Concurrent Enrollment Forms

MBt students will use the Intercampus Visitor Enrollment (IVE) (.pdf) and Intercampus Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) (.pdf) Forms for registration for courses taught at non-home campuses. For example, in the first semester of the program, courses are taught at CSU Fullerton. Therefore, Cal Poly Pomona and CSU Los Angeles students would use the IVE form for registration, and Fullerton students would enroll normally. In the Winter Quarter (Semester 2a) PABS courses are taught at CSU Los Angeles. Therefore, Fullerton and Pomona students would use the IVE form for registration, while Los Angeles students would enroll by the normal mechanism.

The IVE form must be used when the student is taking all courses at a non-home PABS campus. The ICE form must be used when the student is taking some courses on the home campus, and some courses at a non-home campus. These forms will be identified with "MBt PROGRAM" at the top left corner.

Once forms have been approved by the PABS Program Director and Department Chairs, they will be delivered by the PABS Program Director to the registrar at the appropriate campus. Students must complete this process so that late class adds are not required. The PABS Intercampus Roadmap (.pdf) indicates the registration mode for students at each campus during each semester with either "IVE" or "ICE" "N" for normal. Certain courses for the Regulatory Affairs concentration are offered only online. Students wishing to enroll in these courses would pay fees for the course directly to the online registrar for the course.

Intercampus Roadmap and Equivalent Courses

To simplify the transfer and transcripting of grades earned by students across the three PABS campuses, a system of equivalent course numbers has been developed. This information is summarized in the PABS Intercampus Course Roadmap (.pdf). This document shows the courses being taught in gray boxes, and the equivalent course numbers in the white boxes adjacent to these. For example, for the Fullerton course BIOL 570, the equivalent course number at Pomona would be BIO573, and at Los Angeles, BIOL570. As an additional example, the course MGMT554 taught at CSU Los Angeles has the equivalent course number GBA554 at Cal Poly Pomona and MGMT554 at CSU Fullerton. You will be asked to provide equivalent course numbers for the PABS first year core courses referenced at this table whenever you are enrolling in non-home campus courses.

Fee Payment Process

MBt students will pay fees at their home campuses except for the two summer session courses offered via University Extended Education (UEE) at CSU Fullerton: MGMT 573, which is the first required course, and BIOL 580. These classes are paid for on a per unit basis and designated as UEE special session courses. Currently, a parallel course for the Summer Internship (CSU Fullerton) BIOL 580 has been established at CSU Los Angeles (BIOL 598). CSU Los Angeles students will enroll in BIOL 598 at CSU Los Angeles in Summer 2011. Cal Poly Pomona has not yet established a parallel for this course (BIOL 580) and these students will enroll in (and pay for) BIOL 580 at CSU Fullerton in Summer 2011. For MBt students only, no Visitor or Concurrent status applies for fee payment purposes. Instead, a Study Agreement will be coded for fee payment purposes. MBt students will follow the fee payment deadlines set by their home campus.

Last Updated: May 29, 2014