The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies

PABS Student Learning Outcomes

It is anticipated that after students complete the program, they will be able to demonstrate the following:

Communications Skills

The PABS student will:

  1. Work effectively as a team member at the project site, and observe how teamwork relates to the daily operations of the department and to the company as a whole.
  2. Communicate effectively with individuals at the project site.
  3. Write and present project proposals and technical reports that communicate effectively with all levels of an organization associated with the project.
  4. Evaluate the project experience by completing a written report and delivering a formal oral presentation on the project experience to the site mentor, site coordinator, and other academic and/or business professionals as appropriate.
Content and Contextual Knowledge

The PABS student will:

  1. Demonstrate and apply knowledge in a primary area of expertise.
  2. Identify and critically evaluate the literature important to the project focus area.
  3. Obtain a basic comprehension of the project activities as they relate to the department functions, and to the company as a whole.
  4. Obtain an understanding of the driving forces behind the sponsor company's business model.
  5. Gain an appreciation of the constraints and opportunities afforded by ethical business principles and practices.
  6. Gain an understanding of the basic project organization and management skills unique to the project area of focus.

The PABS student will:

  1. Apply and improve his or her existing technical skill set in the discipline area of the project.
  2. Identify and critically evaluate the experimental or practical designs associated with problem solving in the project focus area.
  3. Demonstrate professional behavior including conscientious and meticulous performance and a collaborative work ethic.

The PABS MBt project is intended to be a rewarding and exciting educational experience. Students have the responsibility to set up and complete the experience; the PABS Program Director, the student and the site mentor share responsibility for making the project experience successful. The PABS Program Director is available to assist students and site supervisors throughout the process. Documents and forms associated with the PABS Applied Master's Project are available from the Program Director, and will be distributed prior to the start of internships in the Fall of the second year of instruction.

Last Updated: May 29, 2014