The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies

Advising and Graduate Study Plan

All PABS students must meet with the PABS Program Director at least twice monthly either by phone or in person to review program progress.

The PABS Program Director serves as the graduate advisor for students in the program. A Graduate Study Plan (GSP) must be filed with the Graduate Studies Office before nine units have been completed toward the MBt. The GSP is the educational plan and contract that you must follow to complete the degree program. You should at all times be aware of the status of your progress related to the GSP. The PABS Program Director will work with PABS students to set up the GSP in the Fall of the first semester of coursework at CSU Fullerton (Note: all students, regardless of home campus—Fullerton, Los Angeles or Pomona—take the first semester of coursework at CSU Fullerton). The requirements for the PABS MBt degree Study Plan include the following:

  • 40/60 total approved semester/quarter units.
  • 9/12 approved semester/quarter units in concentration courses.
  • University policy does not allow 300-level courses on graduate Study Plans.
  • No more than six semester units shall be allowed for a thesis or project.
  • No courses taken to satisfy prerequisite requirements.
  • No correspondence courses and/or credit by examination.
  • No courses with nontraditional grades (e.g., CR, S, P).
  • Each course on the Study Plan must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 ("B") in all courses attempted to satisfy requirements for the degree.
  • Completion of all Study Plan courses within ten consecutive semesters (5 years) or fourteen consecutive semesters (7 years) with approved extension. The time limit starts with the earliest course on the Study Plan.
  • All courses must be taken after completion of the baccalaureate (or postgraduate credit granted).
  • No courses credited toward another degree.
  • A final evaluation, the Applied Masters Project, comprising a written report and presentation.

The approved Study Plan is valid as long as the student maintains continuous enrollment in regular semesters at the university; otherwise it is necessary to reapply and meet any changed or additional requirements approved in the interim. Changes to the GSP must be authorized by the PABS Program Director and the biology chair of your home campus. Students wishing to make such changes should fill out the appropriate study plan change form from their home campus biology department.

Please note: PABS program admissions for Fall 2014 are contingent on program continuation approval from the PABS Consortium Campus administrations.

Last Updated: January 23, 2014