The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies

About the New PABS Mbt Program

I am pleased to announce that the new California State University Professional Master’s Program in Applied Biotechnology Studies will be offered starting Fall 2014!

The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies (PABS) was launched in fall 2009 as a collaborative Master of Biotechnology (MBt) degree program offered through a partnership among several campuses in the California State University system. The program curriculum has been carefully designed by academic and industry experts. The two-year curriculum combines relevant advanced study in sciences and management with “plus” elements that include project management, team-based learning, team leadership, industrial ethics and business communication skills.  A culminating master’s project allows participants to develop workplace solutions in biotech environments.  The integrated curriculum is designed to produce graduates who can contribute to workplace solutions on the first day of employment. 

The PABS MBt program has gained widespread recognition in the business sectors of the Los Angeles and Northern Orange County areas.  Participating companies include Grifols Biologicals, Gilead Sciences, Allergan, Watson Laboratories, Advanced Bionics, Celgene, Amgen, Edwards Lifesciences, Mannkind Corporation, Amphastar, Inc., Phenomenex and the Albert Mann Foundation.
The current job placement for graduates of the MBt program is 93%.


New Expanded PABS Consortium
Cal State University, Dominguez Hills is now part of the PABS collaboration. CSUDH participation strengthens the program in several ways: 1) The campus is located near a number of biomedical products businesses such as Phenomenex, Bachem, and Molecular Express; 2) Students living in Torrance, South Bay, West L.A. or Long Beach areas have better access to program facilities; 3) The CSUDH Quality Assurance program provides access to advanced courses and expertise in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, fields which are important in industry; and 4) Quality courses are offered online.

New Expanded Curriculum
The curriculum of the program has been enhanced to provide a better focus on the technical and business skills necessary for a successful industrial career. MBt offers concentrations in six areas:  Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Quality Assurance, Biotechnology Business, Informatics/Biomathematics, and Engineering. The new curriculum has an increased focus on biotechnology, stem cell methodology, drug discovery and industrial regulatory affairs.
With the new program set to start in Fall, 2014, we are also making the program more accessible to full-time professionals by moving more of the core curriculum elements to late afternoon and evening offerings.

New Business Model
Starting in Fall 2014 the PABS MBt program will be offered through the University Extended Education divisions of the participating colleges, with the main administrative activities handled through Cal Poly Pomona College of Extended Universtiy. This business model will ensure program viability and increased opportunities for student participation.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this nationally-recognized MBt program. We look forward to working with you as you take the next step in your career advancement.


David L. Dyer
Executive Director
Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies
(657) 278 -7260

Last Updated: May 29, 2014