Public Affairs

CSU Leaders Participate in Discussion with Assembly Committee on Higher Education

January 19, 2011

CSU Chancellor Charles Reed and other CSU leaders spoke before the California State Assembly Committee on Higher Education yesterday in Sacramento.  Reed was joined by CSU Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Herbert L. Carter, James Postma, Chair of the CSU Academic Senate and Chris Chavez, President of the California State Student Association.  The CSU group was also joined by leaders from the California Community Colleges and the University of California.

Yesterday was the first of several bi-weekly Assembly Committee on Higher Education meetings and the topic for discussion was Preserving Academic Quality and Increasing Efficiencies in an Era of Diminished Resources.

Among the CSU-related initiatives cited by Reed and the CSU delegates was the CSU's Early Start initiative.  The goal of Early Start is to better prepare students by initiating the remediation process before students reach college.  The CSU spends $30 million annually on remediation of students in mathematics and English.  Additionally Reed cited SB 1440, the Student Transfer Reformation Act, as another key initiative that will provide cost saving efficiencies for both the CSU and the CCC.