Public Affairs

CSU Launches Hospitality Initiative Web Site

September 10, 2009
By Clara Potes-Fellow

The CSU has launched a Hospitality Management Education web site under the theme “Come here, Go There” that is packed with information about CSU campus programs and careers in the industry.,

CSU Hospitality Site
On the new CSU Hospitality Manage-
ment Education site visitors can
explore programs and find industry
related information.

Visitors to the site, which is targeted to current and prospective students, industry professionals, and educators, can find information and links to many topics including:  

- An overview of the industry and its major segments

- Links to industry and career planning resources

- Photos and rosters of CSU hospitality advisory board members and program leaders

- Video testimonials from advisors, program leaders, and alumni

- Links to each of the CSU programs, arranged by campus and by the industry segments they serve

- Links to the CSUMentor on-line application service

As part of the site's launch, a postcard will be  sent to career counselors at every high school listed in the California Department of Education database, career planning and placement officers at every California community college, and instructors who participate in the California Hotel & Lodging Association’s Lodging Management Program and the National Restaurant Association ProStart program.