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New Honorary Degrees Site Tells Stories of Excellence

October 22, 2009
By Teresa Ruiz

What do a former San Francisco Giants Hall of Famer, former Lt. Governor of California and current minister of Foreign Trade all have in common? These individuals were three of the 24 honorary degree recipients awarded across the CSU for 2009. Now, their stories and those of their peers can be read on the newly launched CSU Honorary Degrees site.

CSU's new honorary degrees site.

"This new site showcases those people who have made a difference in some way," said CSU Director of Special Projects Colleen Bentley. “Their stories are the stories of the CSU, and they serve as examples of what human beings can accomplish for the good of all."

CSU has been awarding honorary degrees since 1963 as a way to honor individuals who have demonstrated excellence in areas that benefit humanity, the CSU, the state, nation or world. In addition, the degrees also recognize those individuals whose lives and significant achievements serve as examples of California State University’s aspirations for its diverse student body.

The new site has information about recipients beginning in 1963, which totals more than 350 degrees over the last four decades. Visitors can also find photos and bios of more recent honorees, as well as information about the history and eligibility requirements for receiving an honorary degree.  

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