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Cal State Hosts ‘Save Me a Spot in College’ Awards

(Left to Right) Scholarship winners Ryan and Richard Taylor of the Inland Empire.

CSU Chancellor Reed

(Left to Right) CSU Chief Financial Officer Richard West, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed and CSU Trustee Herb Carter.

Guests view entries

Honorable Mention Charissa Engeron-Estrada views fellow contest entries.

(August 8, 2008) – More than 200 students and families gathered at the California State University Chancellor’s office on Aug. 5  to recognize the Southern California winners and honorable mentions of the “Save Me a Spot in College,” Scholarship Contest. The Campaign for College Opportunity sponsored contest awarded hundreds of scholarships to students from across the state ranging from $500 to a grand prize of $2,500.

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed urged students at the event to stay on the path they have started toward college. “Today going to college is more important than ever.  A college degree is a ticket to a better job and a better future,” he said. “If there is one single thing students can do to change their lives and the lives of their families, it is to go to and graduate from college.”

CSU Trustee Herb Carter and Assembly Member Mike Davis also spoke to the families about Senate Bill 890 Early Commitment to College and the need to prepare early for college. The California State University has endorsed SB 890 Early Commitment to College, a bill that would teach students about how to go to college and how to pay for it.  The bill has garnered widespread bi-partisan support and is co-authored by 39 Republicans and Democrats in the Assembly. 

SB 890 would create the “Save Me a Spot in College” Pledge to be signed by students and their parent or legal guardian.  Students would voluntarily pledge to finish high school, take courses to prepare for college and to complete the FAFSA (federal financial aid application) by March 2 of their senior year.  In return, the state will ensure that there is a spot for every student in one of California’s community colleges or in a CSU or UC if the student meets admission requirements.  The state also pledges financial aid for eligible students to help pay for fees, books, supplies and living expenses, including the community college fee waiver and support in applying for the CalGrant and federal Pell Grant.

For more information on the “Save Me a Spot in College,” Scholarship Contest or SB 890 Early Commitment to College visit  


The Campaign for College Opportunity is a broad-based,  bipartisan coalition, including business, education and labor leaders, and is dedicated to ensuring the next  generation of Californians has the opportunity to go to college. For more information, visit:  

The California State University is the largest system of senior higher education in the country, with 23 campuses, approximately 450,000 students and 46,000 faculty and staff. Since the system was created in 1961, it has awarded nearly 2.5 million degrees, about 90,000 annually. Its mission is to provide high-quality, affordable education to meet the ever-changing needs of the people of California. With its commitment to excellence, diversity and innovation, the CSU is the university system that is working for California. See


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