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CSU Reaches Agreements with Eight of its Ten Employee Bargaining Units

The California State University Board of Trustees' Committee on Collective Bargaining ratified tentative agreements for fiscal year 2000/01 compensation with eight of its ten employee bargaining units.

"I would like to commend the union representatives for the spirit of cooperation they provided throughout. They went about the negotiation process in a very professional manner," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

The five unions, which together represent about 15,000 CSU employees, are:

"This was one of the best rounds of negotiations that I have ever experienced," said Pauline Robinson, division director of the CSEA. "We strongly recommend ratification [of the tentative agreement by CSEA members]."

The main features in the tentative agreements are average salary increases of five or six percent, inclusion of merit pay as a significant part of the total salary pool, additional market equity salary increases for some classifications of employees and enhanced dental and insurance benefits for CSEA employees.

"This is very encouraging. I see a silver lining growing brighter," said Trustee Ralph Pesqueira, chair of the Committee on Collective Bargaining. "The Trustees are committed to seeing that faculty and staff compensation is at the highest possible level we can obtain from the state."

All the agreements have already been ratified by the unions' memberships except the CSEA agreement, which is expected to be ratified through a vote next month."I believe that this round of bargaining reflected a true commitment on the part of individuals on both sides of the bargaining tables to improving the working situation in order to better serve the students of our campuses and the citizens of the state," said Jackie McClain, CSU vice chancellor for human resources.

The two unions yet to reach agreement are the Academic Professionals of California and the California Faculty Association. The main issue in both negotiations is merit pay. The faculty union is proposing that the agreed upon merit pay program be discontinued, and the CSU is committed to the program as an important way to reward outstanding faculty accomplishment.

19 July 2000