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CSU Online Applications Increase by 70 Percent

CSUMentor Processes 114,900 Online Applications During Initial Filing


Admission applications through CSUMentor, the online system that helps students and their families plan and apply for admission to the California State University, increased by 70 percent during the initial fall 2001 application period. The increase—from 67,535 in 1999 to 114,900—included 12,000 on the last day of November.

The very high usage of CSUMentor near the end of November caused the system to slow down for some users, but the CSU quickly installed additional high-speed computer data lines to increase the system's capacity. In addition, five campuses that had intended to stop accepting applications on Nov. 30 extended the deadline until the end of yesterday (Dec. 5). Of the 114,900 total, more than 17,000 were filed online during the extended period between Dec. 1-5, including nearly 7,400 on the very last day.

"The use of CSUMentor continues to increase significantly. Students and parents have found it to be an extremely valuable tool in their college preparation, college search and college application processes," said Allison Jones, CSU assistant vice chancellor of access and retention. "Tens of thousands of students now begin preparing for college with CSUMentor as early as middle school, and, in fact, more than half of CSU students now apply online."

The number of online applications in November is up from only 15,557 in November 1998, and is over 20 times more than the 3,678 from the same time period three years ago when CSUMentor was first implemented.

The site is accessible at Designed by Xap Corporation, CSUMentor includes the following features:

CSUMentor also includes: multimedia campus tours, student-campus matching assistance, free e-mail accounts, assistance in completing the primary financial aid form for college-bound students, an academic planner both for high school students and community college transfer students, and information to help graduate students select campuses and programs suited to their needs.

Xap Corporation, a Los Angeles-headquartered firm, has expanded "Mentor" to other systems and states. The company has worked on Mentor systems for independent college associations in California, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts, and for universities in other countries, with the goal of creating a national database whereby students from across the country and abroad can easily and conveniently seek out higher education opportunities.

6 December 2000