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Request to Focus on Ensuring Access, Maintaining High Quality, Improving Student Academic Preparation, and Contributing to California's Economy

The California State University Board of Trustees today (October 26) approved a request for an increase in the 2001/02 state appropriation of $380.9 million, an 11.7 percent increase over the current year. It includes $26.5 million in revenue projected as a result of new and year-round operations enrollment growth. The request would bring the total CSU base budget to nearly $3.65 billion.

"The CSU budget request focuses on four key areas - ensuring student access at a time of rapidly increasing enrollment; maintaining a high quality education, in part through recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff; improving student academic preparation though K-12 collaborations; and contributing to California's economy by investing in key academic programs," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. "The budget also is consistent with the Governor's Partnership agreement, which brings stable, long-term funding to the CSU in exchange for a commitment by the CSU to be accountable through specific performance measures."

According to Richard West, CSU executive vice chancellor and chief financial officer, the request includes $241.8 million in ongoing money within the partnership and $139.1 million in one-time money beyond the partnership.

Requests within the partnership include:

  • $100.5 million for an enrollment increase (which is expected to be about 3.5 percent), including $16 million for expansion of year-round operations.
  • $81.5 million for a four percent faculty and staff salary increase to keep salaries competitive and reward outstanding performance.
  • $8 million to expand CSU K-12 academic preparation at targeted high schools and help reduce the need for remedial education.
  • $10 million to improve access to academic programs important to California's work force and economy.
  • $10 million to complete the CSU technology infrastructure build-out.
  • $5 million to significantly increase access to networking services for students, faculty and staff on each campus and to assist in the expansion of CSU electronic library resources.
  • $4.3 million for campus libraries.
  • $4.3 million for deferred maintenance projects.

Requests outside the partnership include:

  • $40.8 million for an additional two percent faculty and staff salary increase above the partnership, which would reduce the CSU faculty salary lag from13 percent in 1996/97 to 0.6 percent.
  • $40.1 million to help improve K-12 student academic preparation, including initiatives in professional development training for teachers and teacher recruitment, and programs designed to reduce the need for remedial education.
  • $32.5 million for California workforce initiative programs in agriculture, computer science, engineering, nursing and certain areas of biochemistry and biotechnology.
  • $7 million to expand academic counseling that would help students progress toward their degrees.
  • $5 million to expand the Common Management System (CMS) project to improve student services.
  • $5 million to help create a housing assistance program for faculty and staff - a key issue in attracting high-quality faculty and staff.
  • $5 million to develop a high technology industry base in the Central Valley region through the delivery of engineering and computer science instruction.
  • $3 million for joint use of facilities and collaborative programs among the CSU, University of California and California Community Colleges to better use existing resources.
  • $3 million for continued development at CSU Channel Islands, which will open officially in fall 2002.

"Educating students is very labor intensive. There is no more important factor in ensuring access to high quality education than investing in recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff to serve and educate students. That is why much of this budget increase will target the hiring of the best new faculty and improving compensation and benefits for current outstanding faculty and staff," said Chancellor Reed.

In addition to the general fund request, the Trustees requested a proposed lottery budget for 2001/02 totaling $42.7 million. That budget, which was also approved by the Trustees at the meeting, supports the forgivable loan/doctoral incentive program, California pre-doctoral program, CSU summer arts program and many campus-based instructional programs.

The 2001/02 budget request does not include any student fee increases. The CSU has not increased nonresident fees since 1991, and has not increased resident fees since 1994. In fact, the state university fee for undergraduate students has decreased by ten percent over the past two years to $1,428 per year, which is lower than the average for any other state in the nation.

The CSU budget request now will be forwarded to the state Department of Finance for inclusion in the state budget.