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CSU Helps Unemployed Teachers Finish Credentials

September 13, 2012

CSU Helps Unemployed Teachers Finish Credentials The CSU is leading an effort to help teachers affected by layoffs receive an opportunity to complete the state credentialing process.

In partnership with the Long Beach and Sacramento Unified School Districts and with funding from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, the Alternative Induction Pathway (AIP) program focuses on the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) knowledge, as well as exemplary teaching practices for beginning teachers who are unemployed due to budget cuts. Participants are paired with a credentialed “mentor” to teach in a classroom collaboratively. They complete the requirements of the second step needed to earn a professional credential in California, enabling them to stay in the education field until more teaching jobs are available. Other benefits include a student to teacher ratio classroom reduction and contributions by external funders that sustain the teacher pipeline during layoffs.

The initiative was implemented in Long Beach in October 2011 with an enrollment of 75 teachers; 24 completed the credential process in June and the remaining 51 will finish this spring. Many additional beginning teachers wished to participate in the popular program, and a second cohort is starting this year.

A related initiative undertaken by CSU enables laid-off elementary teachers to obtain a Foundational Level General Science or Math Credential. The Governor last week signed legislation that ensures that the laid-off teachers who participate in these programs are able to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.