Public Affairs

Trustees Modify Presidential Selection Process

September 21, 2011

The CSU Board of Trustees has adopted several modifications to the presidential selection process including the formal identification of internal candidates, as well as a revision of the campus visit process.  A Special Committee of the board was appointed to review the presidential search process and compensation and to develop recommendations to the full board.

At its initial meeting Aug. 8, the Board of Trustees' Special Committee on Presidential Selection and Compensation discussed the challenges the CSU is facing in executive hiring as a number of the CSU's 23 presidents are at or nearing retirement age.  There are currently four presidents who have announced their impending retirements including Cal State Northridge President Jolene Koester, San Francisco State President Robert Corrigan, Cal State Fullerton Milton Gordon and Cal State San Bernardino Albert Karning. 

The changes to the proposed new policy for the selection of presidents specify in greater detail the process for consideration of appropriate internal CSU candidates for presidential positions.  It also continues the board's deep commitment to consultation with campus and community through the full participation of the representative Advisory Committee in the selection process.  The trustees acknowledged the importance of promoting from within the system and protecting a candidate's confidentiality through the selection process as candidates have withdrawn knowing their names would be publicly disclosed.  To address this issue, the policy now indicates that the Chancellor and chair of the trustee presidential search committee will confer with the campus advisory committee to determine whether to schedule public campus visits or visits on a modified basis, depending on the circumstances of the search.

The special committee, which was put together at the request of the Chancellor and Board Chair Herb Carter, will continue the discussion of presidential compensation policy in October.