Public Affairs

May 2011 Board of Trustees Meeting - Legislative Update

May 12, 2011

At this week's California State University Board of Trustees meeting, the CSU provided trustees an update on various bills with potential impact on the university that are making their way through the legislature.

Among the legislative measures discussed during the meeting include AB 1326 – California Higher Education Endowment Corporation: Oil and Gas Severance Tax.
The CSU had not previously announced any formal position on AB 1326 and after initial review, identified weaknesses in the bill language that include:

  • The creation of a redundant state bureaucracy to administer funding
  • Unanswered questions as to the amount of funding allocated to each higher education segment
  • Limited protections to ensure the funding supplements rather than supplants current state general funds

The CSU has now taken a support if amended position on the bill and along with the University of California is requesting amendments that would better protect and use the funding source for the benefit of students.

A letter that details the CSU position on AB 1326 can be found here.

The CSU also announced that it continues to work with the sponsors of SB 8 – Public Records: Auxiliary Organizations. After initially declaring opposition to the bill, the CSU continues to work with the bill sponsors on amendments and hopes to announce a position of support in the coming weeks.

Additionally, AB 130 – Student Financial Aid: Eligibility: California Dream Act of 2011, a bill supported by the CSU, passed out of the state Assembly and now moves on to review by the Senate.