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CSU Teaches Students the Mechanics of Engineering

May 19, 2011
By Stephanie Thara

CSU Teaches Students the Mechanics of EngineeringThe California State University has made it a priority to supply the state’s engineering industries with job-ready graduates. In 2009-10, the CSU granted over 3,900 bachelor’s degrees in engineering, totaling about 45 percent of the engineering bachelor’s degrees awarded in the state.

The CSU has revitalized and enhanced the engineering programs on its campuses, resulting in a 31 percent increase in engineers graduating from the CSU over the past eight years.

Additionally, the CSU has made a concerted effort to help the industry reflect California’s diversity by reaching out to underserved students and women to increase their participation in engineering programs and related studies. This has been accomplished by creating numerous partnerships with organizations in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

CSU Teaches Students the Mechanics of EngineeringThe CSU has also launched the Service Learning Transforming Educational Models in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: (STEM)2 program. The (STEM)2 initiative integrates STEM faculty and students in service learning environments with the intent of increasing the number of scholars interested in pursuing science careers and boosting the number of graduates from CSU campuses with STEM degrees.

Similarly, the CSU has developed a Baccalaureate Engineering Initiative, which allows CSU campuses to review and possibly reform baccalaureate engineering programs. The initiative’s mission is to analyze how the CSU’s academic curriculum can best prepare graduates for engineering careers and ensure that CSU programs will graduate enough engineers to serve the state’s needs.