Public Affairs

Working for Social Change

August 18, 2011
By Stephanie Thara

Christian Molidor, director of the School of Social Work at Cal State Long Beach, on a visit to Rwanda in 2009.Social workers provide a vast array of services for California’s families and represent a link between state services and community action. With the number of neglected children, needy elderly and disadvantaged ethnic populations steadily increasing, there is a significant demand nationwide for qualified social workers.

The California State University strives to meet the demand by offering degree programs in social work that provide students with the knowledge, values and skills necessary to work with all size client systems in regional and national communities. In fact, the latest economic impact report shows that the CSU awards 82 percent of the state’s bachelor’s degrees and 69 percent of the master’s degrees in social work.

Whether it is providing programs that promote social change or hosting activities that further community growth, the CSU takes pride in giving students the foundation they need to successfully assist people in solving issues in their everyday lives.

The undergraduate and graduate degree programs at CSU campuses offer a variety of disciplines that prepare students to be capable of addressing issues of race, culture, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, disability, gender and age.

CSU students have gone on to head major non-profit social service agencies, assist older adults to remain safely in their homes, provide culturally sensitive mental health services and help pass legislation to better prepare youth in foster care to live independently. Furthermore, graduates also find careers as correction counselors, social planners, social workers in health care, social service administrators, community organizers, child and family counselors, child/adult protective services workers, occupational/industrial workers and adoption workers. These are just a few of the vital roles that CSU alumni fill in the community.