Public Affairs

The CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative Shines Bright

March 17, 2011
By Stephanie Thara

Many of the CSU campuses directly supply graduates to industry giants like Disney, HBO and Warner Brothers, among others. To ensure that students acquire working knowledge in the industry, the CSU has established the CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative, which coordinates and integrates activities to help individual campuses leverage resources.

Along with initiating closer working relationships and collaborations with the industry, the Entertainment Initiative hosts an advisory board that provides insights into the trends and needs of the industry as it relates to the preparation of students who wish to enter these fields.  

The Entertainment Initiative is comprised of three components:

Technology Investment: The CSU provides cutting-edge hardware and software, facilitating students’ learning and production.

Media Internship Program: The program provides opportunities for CSU students in all regions of the state to receive on-the-job training and mentorship with media companies.

Visiting Fellows Program: The program brings industry professionals as guests on campuses to provide guidance and mentorship to our students.

This spring, the annual meeting of the Entertainment Industry Advisory Board will be held at the HBO Studios in Santa Monica, Calif., covering topics such as industry-campus collaborations and the status of the CSU budget.