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CSU Honors Student Scholars with Hearst/CSU Trustees' Award

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(September 15, 2010) –The California State University has selected 23 students, one from each campus in the system, to receive the 2010/11 William R. Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement. The Trustees will honor the scholars on Sept. 21 at the CSU Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach, California.

The Hearst/CSU Trustees' award is given to students who have demonstrated financial need, experienced personal hardships, and have attributes such as superior academic performance, exemplary community service and significant personal achievements. The award is among the highest forms of recognition for student achievement in the CSU.

"These extraordinary student scholars exemplify strength, perseverance through adversity, dedication to learning and commitment to others," said Ali C. Razi, CSU trustee emeritus. "The leadership through service demonstrated by these scholars inspires deep respect on CSU campuses and within the community."

Achievements of the students span a wide range of service activities. Examples include volunteering to provide medical care in the U.S. and internationally, tutoring, leading student organizations, feeding the poor and testing the response of bridges to earthquakes. This year's scholars are also advocates for children, the LGBT community, the homeless, the disabled, and HIV/AIDS awareness.

The strength shown by the scholars is often rooted in the adversity they have overcome. Students have persevered through family illness and death, abuse, drug use, hunger, poverty, homelessness, discrimination and loss of sight. Many of the scholars are the first in their families to attend college, and some learned English late in life.

The awardees demonstrate academic achievement and a passion for learning. All of the scholars are either currently completing or looking toward a graduate degree–with half of the students planning to pursue a doctorate. Many of the scholars are looking to teach either in the K-12 system or in higher education.

"I know that there is something more left for me to do, something more left for me to give, and more lives that I can touch–and I’m not through yet," said Austin Nation, nursing master’s student at CSU Fullerton and 2010/11 Hearst/CSU Trustees’ scholar.

Learn more about our scholars’ amazing stories of achievement and perseverance.

About the Scholarship:

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation originally established the endowed scholarship fund in 1984. In 1999, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation partnered with the CSU Board of Trustees to supplement the endowment with contributions from CSU Trustees and private donors. From this endowment, the trustees award $3,000 to students who exemplify the scholarship criteria.

Ali C. Razi, trustee emeritus of the CSU Board of Trustees, later endowed a scholarship fund to recognize the top scoring Hearst/Trustees’ award recipients. This year, there are two Trustee Ali C. Razi Scholarships being awarded at $10,000 each.

Murray L. Galinson, trustee emeritus and former chair of the CSU Board of Trustees, also endowed a scholarship fund to recognize a Hearst Scholar who best exemplifies extraordinary public service to his or her community. This year, one student is recognized as a Trustee Murray L. Galinson scholar and awarded $6,000.

In 2010/11, the California State University also celebrates its 50th anniversary as the nation's leading university system. In celebration of the CSU's 50th anniversary, the CSU Foundation designated a special CSU 50th Anniversary scholar. One student is receiving the $5,000 CSU 50th Anniversary Scholarship.

Schedule Information:

What: Presentation of the William R. Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Where: Dumke Auditorium, 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach CA

When: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, at 3:00 p.m.


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