Campus: CSU, Stanislaus -- December 8, 1999

Stanislaus Students Win Advanced Global View Competition

A team of students from the School of Business Administration at California State University, Stanislaus have won the Fall 1999 Advanced Global View Competition (AGV).

The Stanislaus team claimed the title after a fiercely contested match with more than 60 teams from around the world. The winning team, named Ol' Factory, included Masters of Business Administration students Julie Mefferd and Karen Cheng of Turlock and Mary Jo Talbot of Oakdale.

Cynthia Morgan, Dean of CSU Stanislaus-Stockton, presented the winning team with certificates and a trophy in a ceremony before the start of class on December 8.

The Stanislaus team entered the competition as part of a graduate-level course in Business Strategy taught by Randall Harris.

"This team has set a new standard of excellence for the MBA program," Harris said. "This is a great victory for the School of Business Administration and for CSU Stanislaus."

Advanced Global View, based in Chico, is a global Internet simulation. Competition occurs through the Internet, where teams negotiate and compete with one another to secure competitive advantage. Each team starts, builds, and manages a multimillion-dollar corporation over a three-month period. The teams themselves come from business schools from around the world. Teams for this semester's match came from CSU Stanislaus, HES (Amsterdam School of Business), ESCOM (France), and CSU Chico.

The competition promotes international team-to-team interaction, hands-on experience using current technology, and management and negotiation skills. Students participating should be in the senior or graduate level and have a good grasp of the business core.

AGV was founded in the spring of 1996 to run a multi-university simulation. The success of the original program prompted AGV staff and professors to create an Introduction to Business Course and efforts to develop a Global Case Studies Course are in progress.

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