Campus: CSU, Fullerton -- November 16, 1999

Chinese Officials Begin M.B.A. Studies at Cal State Fullerton

Chinese governmental officials will be attending classes--thousands of miles from their homes--to earn M.B.A. degrees in an accelerated program offered by Cal State Fullerton's School of Business Administration and Economics.

The Chinese officials from Liaoning Province will spend 14 months, beginning Nov. 29, at Cal State Fullerton in a full M.B.A. generalist program. The 26 men and 10 women are scheduled to complete 14 courses for the degree, as well as participate in intensive business writing and computer skills training, according to Dr. Shu-Jen Chen, program coordinator and professor of management science/information systems. They will attend two-three classes during sessions that last six-eight weeks. The officials also will take part in a number of field trips and complete an internship.

"During the last decade, Cal State Fullerton's School of Business Administration and Economics has sponsored several programs ranging from one-day seminars to six-month-long business certificate programs to help Chinese government officials develop competency in business, leadership, strategy and skills in modern technology," said Chen. "Statistics show that China is in need of more M.B.A. graduates than they are able to train themselves. Government leaders have sought the cooperation of foreign universities, such as Cal State Fullerton, to help educate their officials.

"Such programs as this and earlier efforts help to fulfill our global mission of education and service," Chen added. "These programs also enhance the cross-cultural interaction of our faculty members and students with students from other countries."

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