Campus: CSU, San Marcos -- November 10, 1999

CSU San Marcos Research Unit Awarded $1.4 Million to Study Delivery of Diabetes Health Care

The Social and Behavioral Research Institute (SBRI) at CSU San Marcos has been awarded $1,398,905 to investigate the delivery of diabetes care in managed health care organizations in six states. The contract is the data collection segment of TRIAD, or Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes, a project funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control.

"We are very pleased to be awarded this contract," said Richard Serpe, SBRI Director. "This is the first large national project the SBRI has received and the size of the project doubles the total funding we received last year. Additionally, we are proud to have been awarded this contract over a distinguished group of nationally known colleagues and organizations who also submitted proposals."

The participating TRIAD centers are located in California, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey and Hawaii. SBRI will conduct two evaluations, each involving about 15,000 individuals. The first begins in spring 2000. The follow-up begins in spring 2002. SBRI will collect the data and process the information into a database for each site, and then into a database for the entire project.

Diabetes affects some 17 million Americans and is a leading cause of death and disability, according to David Marrero, Ph.D., who is an associate professor of medicine at Indiana University and director of TRIAD. "It accounts for approximately 25 percent of MediCal and MediCAID spending," Marrero said, "and creates a huge social and economic burden. The information gathered in these studies will help us identify potential barriers to care and areas of deficiency in current delivery of care. With aggressive management and knowledge, we can reduce the costs of diabetes."

Established in 1993, SBRI is a unit of the CSU San Marcos College of Arts and Sciences. Its two missions are 1) to provide instructional support for students in the social sciences and 2) to perform community service and attract extramural research funding. SBRI conducts more than 20 research projects each year, involving more than 28,000 total interviews. Among SBRI clients are:

  • the Judicial Council of California Statewide Office of Family Courts Services, which conducts an ongoing project following families who have used the mediation process for marital dissolution,

  • the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Health Promotion Office, which conducts a series of surveys about health risks associated with tobacco use, and

  • United Way of San Diego, which conducts annual outcomes assessments based on information from more than 3,600 people each year.

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