Campus: CSU, Long Beach -- October 22, 1999

Overall Enrollment at California State University, Long Beach Surpasses 30,000

The number of students at California State University, Long Beach keeps climbing as overall enrollment surpassed the 30,000 mark for the 1999 fall semester.

In its annual fall census, the CSULB Office of Institutional Research reported an overall student headcount of 30,011, a 4 percent increase over last year's total of 28,637. The census also showed a 6 percent growth in the campus' full-time equivalent student (FTES) figures, which reached 22,836 compared to 21,456 in 1998.

"The numbers are spectacular," said CSULB President Robert C. Maxson, who came to the university in 1994 with a campus enrollment of 26,277. "For some time now, I have been saying that Long Beach State is a hot campus, and the enrollment growth we've shown over the last year certainly appears to support that statement."

Maxson is especially pleased with the final figures concerning the campus' first-time freshmen. The number of high-school graduated newcomers soared to 3,483, an increase of 24 percent over last year's total of 2,806 and an increase of 51 percent since Maxson took over as president of the university in 1994.

Equally as impressive as the quantity of the incoming class is the quality of its members. Their average high school grade-point average was 3.18. More than 425 of those students received Advanced Placement (AP) credit with more than half of those earning at least six units and 18 percent being credited with more than 12 units. In fact, six of the newcomers entered the university as sophomores.

"I find it very exciting that so many high-achieving students are making Cal State Long Beach their university of choice. In fact, most of our enrollment growth is coming from these first-time freshmen," pointed out Maxson, who credited the quality of the campus' academic programs with attracting the new students.

The president also noted that more than 95 percent of those first-time freshmen are full-time students, carrying at least 12 units for the fall semester. Overall, he said, the 6 percent growth in FTES indicates that more students at every level are attending classes full time.

The final figures place Cal State Long Beach second in student population among the CSU system's 23 campuses behind San Diego State, which reported a total headcount of 31,413.

"Obviously, we're extremely excited that so many students are interested in coming to Cal State Long Beach," Maxson said. "At the same time, though, we realize that we can't sustain this type of growth year after year."

In an effort to curtail that growth, Cal State Long Beach will only accept Fall 2000 admissions applications from first-time freshmen and lower-division transfer students during the month of November. Those students who don't apply by Nov. 30 will not be considered for admission next fall.

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