Campus: CSU, Los Angeles -- October 20, 1999

Cal State L.A. Professor Takes Student Team to Egypt as Part of a Model Arab League Simulation

This November, Cal State L.A.'s faculty member Daniel Crecelius will be taking a team of ten students to participate in the international Model Arab League (MAL) simulation (similar to the Model UN simulations), to be held on the campus and in the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt.

The program, organized by the American University in Cairo, will include a week of participation in a student simulation of the Arab League--which coordinates the policies of 22 independent Arab states--and a week to visit Egypt's Pharaonic and Islamic monuments.

The student delegates, representing the Gulf state of Oman, will compete against teams from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Cal State L.A. team members are: Henry Bedevian, James King, Allyn Perkins, Maria Rangel, Rebekah Viola, Gary Embrey, Sandra Beltran, Bob Kirby, Yvette Romero and Joanne Robelen.

The MAL is the National Council on U.S. Arab relations' premier leadership development program in which more than 2,000 high school, college and university students participate each year. The MAL offers students the opportunity to learn and develop diplomatic skills and learn about the social, economic, cultural, and political issues facing the leaders of the Arab world. Students also learn the art of public speaking and debate, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedures.

As representatives of Arab League member states, student delegates attempt to solve problems and achieve consensus in questions real-life diplomats consider daily. The excitement of the role-playing involved stimulates creativity, deepens learning, and cultivates understanding as no other exercise can.

The MAL program at Cal State L.A., established two years ago by Crecelius, professor of Middle Eastern history and the chair of the University's Department of History, began modestly with a handful of students. In each of their first two years of simulations, however, a team member was designated an "Outstanding Delegate" and one of the University's delegates was elected the assistant secretary general for the Southern California regional simulation for the 1998-99 academic year.

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