Campus: San Diego State University -- October 6, 1999

Freshmen Remediation Percentages Improve at SDSU

The percentage of entering freshmen at San Diego State University requiring remedial education has dropped significantly since the campus raised academic admissions requirements, according to new data recently released by campus officials.

Entering freshmen students requiring remediation in mathematics dropped 11.2 percent over the previous year. Those requiring remediation in English dropped 6.1 percent. Among 3,855 first-time freshman students projected to enroll for the fall 1999 semester, 40.2 percent will require remediation in English and 48.5 percent will require remediation in mathematics. A year earlier, when there were 4,133 first-time freshman students, 46.3 percent required English remediation and 59.7 percent required mathematics remediation.

"This is an indication that our efforts to enroll students with stronger academic preparation is paying off," said SDSU President Stephen L. Weber. "Because SDSU is such a popular campus, we are asking more of our entering students to ensure that those who attend SDSU are ready for college work and will be able to make rapid progress toward graduation. These figures show we are moving toward that goal," Weber added.

The higher academic standards were first implemented for spring 1999, which affected a small number of applicants (7,673). The major impact was seen for fall 1999, when 34,640 applications were received. Of those, 9,698 were denied, including 5,219 who met CSU admissions standards.

Remediation for English is one semester only. Remediation for mathematics can be either one or two semesters, depending on the needs of the student. Another indicator of improvement is a slight increase in the number of students requiring only one semester of mathematics remediation. The 1998 figure was 11.6 percent (478 students), while the 1999 figure is 12.2 percent (470 students). Officials say this increase indicates more students are qualifying for the shorter remediation program rather than the longer one, which is a positive development.

In fall 1998, 48.1 percent of the students required two semesters of mathematics remediation. For fall 1999, that figure had dropped to 36.3 percent.

San Diego State University is the oldest and largest higher education institution in the San Diego region. Since it was founded as a teacher-training program in 1897, it has grown to offer bachelor's degrees in 76 areas, master's degrees in 58 areas and doctorates in 11. The more than 30,000 students participate in an academic curriculum distinguished by direct contact with professors and an increasing international emphasis that prepares them for a global future.

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