Campus: CSU, San Marcos -- August 23, 1999

CSU San Marcos receives $3.6 million grant to support research

The College of Arts and Sciences at California State University, San Marcos has been awarded a $3.565 million dollar, four-year grant to advance scientific research at the campus. It is the largest grant yet awarded to CSU San Marcos, just celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Funding comes from the National Institutes of Health -- Institute of General Medical Sciences, under the Minority Biomedical Research Support program. The four-year grant begins September 1, 1999.

"This grant will enhance the University's ability to conduct cutting-edge research in the science division," said Dr. Victor Rocha, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and program director for the grant. "Building that infrastructure will allow students to participate in modern, state-of-the-art research, which will prepare them to be highly competitive for prestige graduate and medical schools around the country," he added.

The program will advance the career development of seven science faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Funding will support activity in clinical psychology and bilingual culturally sensitive computer voice language development, protein conformation attainment studies, molecular biology of marine organism structure/function, marine natural products anti-microbial studies and psychopharmacology of drug action.

The career development of faculty will be accompanied by involvement of students who will develop research knowledge and skills to prepare them for advanced biomedical research careers. The students and faculty in the program will participate in a Student Research Method Seminar Series and a Guest Lecturer/Conversations with Scientists Series.

Participating in the program are: Dr. Victor Rocha, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez, Program Director, Psychology; Dr. Keith Trujillo, Associate Professor of Psychology; Dr. José Mendoza, Associate Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Thomas Wahlund, Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Jacqueline Trischman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Betsy Read, Assistant Professor of Biology; and Dr. Rocio Guillén, Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

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