Campus: San Josť State University -- June 23, 2000

SJSU Receives $1 Million To Establish Korean E-Business Commercialization Institute

San Josť State University's College of Business has received $1 million in funding from Naray & Company, Inc., to establish the Korean eBusiness Commercialization Institute (KECI) on campus. The first of its kind in the Silicon Valley, the institute will assist and augment collaboration between South Korea and U.S. venture industries.

In partnership with Naray & Company, the institute will investigate market trends and opportunities in e-business. This research will be used to create global strategic alliances in marketing, product development and investment. Findings will be disseminated through newsletters, seminars and forums held in both South Korea and the United States.

"With its location in the heart of the Silicon Valley, SJSU's College of Business is at the forefront of business development in the region," said Robert L. Caret, president of San Josť State University. "The KECI will function as a proactive, strategic organization to expand upon these opportunities, which will benefit not only the local community, but the global venture and e-business communities as a whole."

Through this institute, faculty and students will engage in leading-edge applied research and learn more about global strategic alliances and e-business. "Faculty in a professional school need industry interactions to remain current in their academic discipline," said Seokjoong Yoon, assistant professor of management information systems and director of the institute. "Our students need 'hands on' exposure to real business practice. The proposed institute will identify and manage projects to help faculty and students achieve these professional development and public service outcomes."

The proposed institute will be located at SJSU's off-campus "Golden Triangle" site at the Rose Orchard Technology Centre near Cisco's First Street headquarters.

Naray & Company, Inc., formerly Naray Mobile Telecom Inc., is a major participant in a virtual consortium led by Sambo TriGem, a personal computer manufacturer that is capturing the majority market share in the South Korean PC industry. Other major participating companies of the consortium include: Thrunet, a provider of broadband Internet service; Yahoo Korea; Softbank Korea, a joint venture of Softbank Japan in South Korea; eMachines, a desktop PC vendor in Irvine, Calif.; and TG Venture Capital.

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