Campus: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -- April 17, 2000

Cal Poly Student Plan for Atascadero Wins National Award

A general plan for Atascadero drafted by a Cal Poly city and regional planning class has been named last year's best student planning project in the nation.

"Atascadero Colony in the 21st Century: 2020 Draft General Plan" will receive the Student Project Award from the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) in New York City Monday (April 17). The award, given for "best applying the planning process," will be presented as part of the National Planning Conference sponsored by the AICP and the American Planning Association.

Led by faculty member Zeljka Pavlovich Howard, 35 third-year students worked with Atascadero officials, community members and other organizations for a year to develop a complete plan for the city's future. They analyzed existing conditions, developed alternative proposals, and through a series of meetings helped the town select a final plan.

In drafting the segment of the plan dealing with community design, the students emphasized preserving and regenerating the historic town center, whose park and rotunda-style buildings grew from a turn-of-the-century "city beautiful" movement. The city is now using that material in its general plan update.

Other city and regional planning faculty advisors on the project were Michael Boswell, Lori Hoffman, Amer Moustafa and department head William Siembieda.

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