Campus: CSU, Sacramento -- April 5, 2000

Fashion, Fairways and Food In New CSUS Business Seminars

Are khakis considered business casual? Who putts first on a golf green? What's the best way to pick up a lunch check?

These may not be on a final exam, but professors in the CSUS College of Business Administration are making sure their students know the answers - because they may play a role in the students' business futures.

Professors developed the new seminars to familiarize students with the nuances of the business world. Three sessions this semester focus on essential business skills they might not get in otherwise -- proper business dress, golf as a sales tool and the business dining experience.

"These are business skills that fall between the cracks but may prove critical to career success," says CSUS management professor Gail Tom. "The topics are fun and different, but they're also very practical. Unlike class material, which a student may put aside until they need it, these are things they can use right away."

Management professor Craig Kelley leads the "Salesmanship on the Golf Course" Friday mornings at Haggin Oaks Golf Course. In it he is introducing a group of non-golfers to a major forum for conducting business. Along with golf lessons, including golf etiquette, from College of Business Administration alumnus Mike Woods, students get tips on how to make deals on the course. As a "final," the students will test their newfound knowledge by playing a round with salespeople from the Sacramento area.

The session on "How to Dress for Success" was Tuesday, March 28. Karen Lee Ford of Distinctly You taught students the do's and don'ts of professional and casual dress, including how much income they should spend on a professional wardrobe, which basics to invest in and how much they should spend each year on wardrobe updates. The seminar was sponsored by Lucent Technologies.

Dining etiquette is the focus of "Putting Your Best Fork Forward," which will be at 5 p.m., Wednesday, April 5 in the University Center Restaurant in the University Union. Beyond learning which fork to use, students will get advice from Shirley Willey of Etiquette and Company on what they need to think about when entertaining a client or interviewing for a job. And they will put their training through a test run, eating a meal while dressed in business attire.

More information is available by contacting Gail Tom at (916) 278-6978.

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