Campus: CSU, Long Beach -- March 31, 2000

GTE Foundation Awards $90,000 Grant To College Of Business Administration's Center For Information Systems Technologies (CIST) At Cal State Long Beach

The College of Business Administration (CBA) at California State University, Long Beach has been awarded a three-year, $90,000 grant from the GTE Foundation to support its Center for Information Systems Technologies (CIST) that will begin with the 2000-2001 academic year.

"GTE has had a long relationship with the university serving as our telecommunications provider," said Cal State Long Beach President Robert C. Maxson. "With this donation, GTE has taken the next step by investing in the academic progress of the institution. We are very appreciative of their commitment to the campus."

Funding for the first year will complete the CIST laboratory by providing hardware and other equipment. Also, micro grants will be given to support CBA faculty presenting selected papers at major conferences of their respective academic disciplines.

In the second and third years, the GTE funds will enable the lab to expand its capabilities to keep up with emerging computer and communication technologies and procure necessary hardware and software upgrades.

"This grant from the GTE Foundation will enable the College of Business Administration to continue providing its students with access to state-of-the-art technologies and produce graduates who are well prepared for the workforce," said CBA Dean Barbara Crutchfield George.

The center is the research and development arm of the college and bridge to the information technology industry and business firms. Its director is H. Michael Chung, professor of information systems and acting chair of the Information Systems Department.

"The College of Business Administration's Center for Information Systems Technologies is the type of focused program that will put the college on track with the tremendous change and advances that are occurring across the communications industry," said Mike Murray, public affairs director - GTE Long Beach. "GTE is very proud of its commitment to the university."

GTE expanded its national charitable contribution in 2000 to $32 million, and about 60 percent of that has been allocated for education and literacy programs. The company's newest program is GTE Reads, a public charity designed to create public awareness, increase fundraising and support organizations dedicated to improving America's literacy levels.

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