Campus: CSU, Long Beach -- March 16, 2000

California State University, Long Beach Wins Justice Contract for Videoconferences

The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded The Advanced Media Production (AMP) Center at California State University, Long Beach a $222,101 contract to fund live videoconferences through September 2000. The university is scheduled to deliver six such live presentations in 2000.

AMP Director Mat Kaplan said the Department of Justice contract is aimed at serving the National Institute of Corrections in its goal of providing new sources of professional information for careers as varied as prison guards, parole officers and institutional administrators.

"It's a chance for these people to pursue professional education that would otherwise be difficult to deliver," Kaplan explained. "I'm delighted that a national agency like the Department of Justice has the confidence in us to deliver a quality product to these law enforcement professionals."

The programs vary from three-hour shows to programs that stretch over four days. The videoconferences focus on a panel of experts drawn from all over the country who make presentations and answer live questions that come in by phone, fax and e-mail.

Programs also feature dramatized segments shot on location by AMP with actors. Upcoming presentations are due in March, April, June and July with a four-day "distance learning" videoconference due Sept. 11-14. AMP's Dave Kelly produces and directs the series.

The center's last videoconference was in February, and it mixed both satellite technology and the Worldwide Web. There were in excess of 500 live satellite sites and more than 100 simultaneous streams on the Web for the conference, which was later estimated to have reached more than 20,000 participants.

"The Advance Media Production Center at Cal State Long Beach has established itself as a leader in providing high quality videoconferencing services," said CSULB President Robert C. Maxson. "This contract award from the Department of Justice is a clear vote of confidence in the ability of the center and its staff."

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