Campus: CSU, Chico -- March 9, 2000

Students To Learn About Science of Psychology

California State University, Chico faculty will introduce teen-age students to the science of psychology at a series of experiments, exercises and demonstrations Friday, March 10, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Approximately 56 seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade science students from Sutter County School District will attend "Project Synapse: Bringing Psychological Science to the Public Schools." Activities will take place in Modoc Hall and the Aymer J. Hamilton Building on the CSU, Chico campus.

Some of the sessions include "Fear: What Happens in the Body and the Mind," "Making Brain Waves: EEG and States of Mind," "Seeing and Believing: The World of Illusions" and "Unmasking the Face: How To Tell When Another Person is Lying."

The students will be divided into three groups, named PsychExplorers, NeuroNetworkers and BrainBogglers. Each student will attend three one-hour laboratories conducted by a psychology faculty member. The laboratories will address different aspects of biological, learning, perception/cognition, developmental and social psychology.

Psychology professor Paul Spear, chair of the Department of Psychology, said Project Synapse is the product of a collaboration between Georgia Bernoudy, a school psychologist in Sutter County schools, and CSU, Chico psychology professor Joyce Norman. Bernoudy earned her M. A. in psychology from CSU, Chico.

CSU, Chico psychology faculty participating in Friday's labs are Warren Coleman, Lawrence Herringer, Linda Kline, Norman, Brian Oppy, Andrea Pantoja, Neil Schwartz, Edward Vela and David Winzenz.

The Synapse project began last year, with 44 Sutter County students participating.

The 2000 Synapse project started last month with four classroom activities focussing on human brain and behavior. Bernoudy and Norman designed the activities and Bernoudy presented them. The science students learned basic brain anatomy and functions, performed experiments in perception and hemisphere specialization and wrote research papers related to the brain and behavior.

Spear said the purpose of the project is to enrich the science curriculum in the area of psychological science and to increase connections between CSU, Chico and K-12 schools.

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