Campus: Sonoma State University -- February 28, 2000

Children Learn to Manage Their Money

The winner of the joint American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and American Accounting Association (AAA) Collaboration Award went to the top winning proposal, "$KiddAccounts Children's Money Program." The program was developed in a collaborative effort by three members of a local Santa Rosa accounting firm Linkenheimer Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

The program was presented at the conference by lead academic partner and Sonoma State University professor, Sherri Anderson. LLP partnered with SSU in implementing a fun and interactive money management program teaching students in the third through fifth grades different ways to think about money. LLP saw a rise in personal bankruptcy resulting from mismanagement of funds and saw the need to reach out and teach money management to children in a fun and interactive format.

"If adults can't handle their own money, then how can they teach their children how to manage theirs," says Anderson. "We've educated them to spend, but not to give or save."

The two goals of the program are: first, to continue to educate children about money and to present accountants in a different perspective; second, to introduce accounting students to the challenge of conveying information to, and working with the public. The program has been taught to more than 3,500 students in four states since 1997. Through Sonoma State University, accounting students ventured out in January to nine classrooms including Evergreen School in Rohnert Park and Sonoma Mountain School in Petaluma, teaching up to 30 students per class with a fun and interactive workbook.

The presentation is split over a three-week period. The first week, presenters teach the children about "the four parts of a dollar;" rainy day savings, sunny day savings, giving and spending. In the second week, teachers give the students a comparison shopping assignment. During the third and final week, teachers return to the classroom and discuss with the students what they learned during their comparison shopping assignment. For more information, contact Sherri Anderson at SSU (707) 664-2684.

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