Campus: Cal Poly, Pomona -- February 17, 2000

President Bob Suzuki and "Buck"

$250,000 Gift Horse Gallops Into Cal Poly Pomona Barn

There's a hush in the air at Cal Poly Pomona's W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center. A stall door swings open and a flashy, chestnut stallion steps out to fulfill a pact between the university and its founding father.

With bloodlines that stretch back to the finest horses in Poland and America, including the founding sires of W.K. Kellogg's original herd, Buckingham Bey V, affectionately known as Buck, is Cal Poly Pomona's newest ambassador to the horse community.

"Buckingham Bey will be promoting the university all over the country, generating stud fees and drawing attention to our program," says Bill Hughes, associate director of the Horse Center and well-known Arabian horse judge. "He is the most exciting thing to happen to this Center in years."

Buckingham Bey V's arrival coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the Cal Poly Pomona Herd, to be celebrated on Founders' Day, April 7.

Buck's classical conformation is much admired by those who have seen him, but it is his gentle temperament that endears him to staff and students alike. The young stallion has previously been shown in liberty horse classes in which the entries move unrestricted in the arena as judges evaluate him for type, movement, animation and classic Arabian characteristics.

A two-time winner at Scottsdale, Ariz., one of the most prestigious horse shows in the country, Buck qualified for the National Championships and is a nominated Breeders' Sweepstakes and National Show Horse sire. Horse Center trainer, Mark Stinson, will show Buckingham Bey under saddle in English pleasure classes.

Kay Skeeter, Ojai Valley Farms, initially purchased the 8-year-old stallion for $95,000 in 1995 at the Ventura Sale. Although they love the horse, their wish was to give something back to the community.

"Kay Skeeter could have sold Buckingham Bey, but she believes in Cal Poly Pomona and she believes in our program and said that she would like us to have the horse," says Hughes.

A qualified independent equine appraiser has estimated Buck's value at $250,000. More valuable still, is that W.K. Kellogg's original plan for the university be followed to the letter: Cal Poly Pomona again has a world class breeding stallion on the premises. Besides his appraised value, Buck will generate much needed revenue for the equine program through stud fees - he currently stands at $2,000 per breeding - and through the eventual sale of his foals. Buck arrived with 20 carry-over breedings for the year 2000.

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