Campus: CSPU, Pomona -- June 22, 1999

Cal Poly Pomona Senior Margaret Marie Hart One Of Five CSU Students Selected For "Sue" Project

Cal Poly Pomona senior Margaret Marie Hart is one of five students from the California State University system selected to participate in the restoration of Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever uncovered. The CSU students are the only students in the world to be included as the museum works toward a May 2000 public unveiling of Sue.

The 21-year-old Hart will spend approximately two months this summer at The Field Museum in Chicago, Ill., as part of a paleontology and natural history fellowship. Hart, scheduled to leave July 7, will work with John Tometich, James Walliser and Ian Brown from Cal State San Bernardino and Bradley Beck from Cal State Northridge on cleaning, preparing and reconstructing the ribcage, thorax and bony belly plates on the Sue dinosaur fossil at The Field Museum. The CSU group is led by paleontologist Stuart Sumida of Riverside.

The Sue skeleton was discovered in Faith, S.D., in August of 1990. The Field Museum purchased the fossil in October of 1997 with support from the California State University System, McDonald's Corporation, Walt Disney World Resort and private individuals.

Hart, a resident of Brea, Calif., is a geology major at Cal Poly Pomona. Along with her studies in 1997 she was employed at the Interpretive Center at the Ralph B. Clark Regional Park where she worked with county paleontologists in the museum's lab. Hart was informed of the opportunity by one of her professors, Dr. David Berry.

"This will give her first hand experience working on a large paleontological project, really hands-on experience," said Berry, on what Hart will gain from the experience. "Maggie will be exposed to new technologies, new ideas. It'll be a very worthwhile, very useful experience for her. It's a golden opportunity and I'm sure Maggie is resourceful enough to make the most of it."

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