Campus: San Jose State University -- May 12, 2004

Interim President, SJSU: Governor's Compact Welcome News

The announcement yesterday of a Higher Education Compact between the Governor and the UC and California State University systems is welcome news. It indicates the governor's high level of concern for the future of higher education in California. Here at San Jose State University, the agreement will allow us to plan and manage our current resources more effectively, and will bring much-needed predictability and stability to our long-term planning processes.

The compact dovetails well with the work done this spring by our SJSU Resource Planning Board, a group of senior faculty, staff and administrators charged with recommending ways to focus our resources strategically on preserving quality instruction and helping students get the services and support they need to succeed.

I am especially pleased, too, that this compact will help restore funding for competitive salaries for faculty members, whose work is the heart of our educational mission. Support for our faculty is a critical need, and this far-sighted agreement will achieve much in this area.

Our students will also benefit from the Higher Education Compact, because it will give them a clearer sense of what fee levels may be over the next several years, and the support they can expect from our financial aid programs.

My goal is to present San Jose State's new president, Paul Yu, with a completed budget for 2004-05 when he comes on board in July. Today's agreement provides strong encouragement for all of us involved in that process, both for the immediate future and for the long-term health of this campus and the dreams of all Californians for access to colleges and universities that are the envy of the world.

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