CSU Stanislaus -- April 28, 2003

CSU Stanislaus Announces Budget Reductions

California State University, Stanislaus faces reductions in faculty lecturers, staff, enrollment, and general services to trim $6.4 million - 9.6 percent - from next fiscal year's budget (2004-05), University President Marvalene Hughes said today.

"We are doing all we can to protect the academic mission and soften the impact on the faculty," President Hughes said. "Currently, reductions are not planned for tenured or tenure-track faculty. No major reductions in part-time faculty hiring are expected in fall, winter and spring. Much of the reductions have been absorbed by the infrastructure that supports the academic mission: the President's Office; academic support units, such as the University Library, Office of Information Technology, and Enrollment Services; the Business and Finance Office; the Development and University Relations Office; the Student Affairs Office; and the Equal Opportunity and Internal Relations Office.

CSU Stanislaus officials presented layoff notices, effective June 30, 2004, to 9 permanent staff members and 3 managers. Among these 12 affected employees, 3 managers and 1 staff member face job losses, while the remaining 8 staff members will be reassigned to other positions, some of them part-time. The University will continue to pursue options to reassign and protect as many of its valued employees as possible.

In addition, 18 individuals were notified that their temporary positions would end as planned on June 30, 2004, and 6 individuals were notified that their temporary positions would be reduced to part-time. Finally, 5 vacant management positions and 23 vacant staff positions will not be refilled. These 28 positions that will not be refilled resulted from managing attrition on campus.

This latest cut for 2004-05 is in addition to the 5.3 percent, or $3.6 million, trimmed from the 2003-04 university budget. The University operated with 31 fewer positions in this academic year, which were absorbed by attrition and strategic planning. Services for this academic year were limited in some offices and reduced in others. The student body was restricted from any growth by imposing earlier deadlines for admission applications.

The consequences of these reductions will include 365 fewer students for 2004-05. To comply with the Governor's 2004-05 budget proposal, the Board of Trustees is considering a reduction in next year's student population by about 5 percent. Next year, the University also anticipates fewer classes, earlier cut-off dates for admission, larger classes, more selective admissions, reduced support services and programs, and deferred maintenance. Besides cuts in personnel and enrollment, the University will also shorten public office hours in some departments and reduce services such as advising, tutoring, evening escort shuttles, campus mail delivery, and custodial work.

Budget reductions are made in response to Governor Schwarzenegger's request to cut $239.6 million from the overall California State University budget. California legislators and the Governor are still working out the details of the 2004-05 budget.

"Staffing cuts and program reduction are regrettable but unavoidable in the face of continuing state budget cuts," President Hughes said. "About 83 percent of the university's annual operating budget pays for faculty and staff salaries and benefits. Making these kinds of decisions is extremely difficult and painful for all of us at the University. We are making every effort to determine how many more positions we can save by attrition and by not filling current openings."

The University has implemented a comprehensive transition program. The Support & Career Transition Program includes counseling and workshops ranging from a review of benefits, job search techniques, outplacement services and managing change. Other services are available to employees, such as the Employee Assistance Program and a temporary onsite career center to assist in job search efforts.

"We are working hard to make sure that every employee is given the maximum in emotional and professional support in these difficult times," President Hughes said. "We realize how much stress these layoffs place on our valued employees and their families. We will continue to monitor the state budget situation and save as many instructional and service positions as possible while hoping to preserve the quality of our educational programs and assure authentic access for our students."

In accordance with union agreements, CSU Stanislaus is now able to ask staff for voluntary work-time reductions. During the next 60 days, the administration will work with staff to identify any alternative placements or opportunities for those who received a layoff notice. If such alternatives are found, a layoff notice will be rescinded.

The Board of Trustees of the California State University System will consider a differential student fee increase for undergraduate and graduate students. The Governor's proposal asks for a 10 percent fee increase for undergraduate students and a 40 percent increase for graduate students. These student fee targets and budget reductions are all subject to review and approval by the CSU Board of Trustees.

Full-time CSU Stanislaus undergraduates currently pay $2,508 in annual fees. Graduate students pay $2,718. If the Governor's proposed fee increases are implemented for 2004-05, those fees would increase to $2,747 for undergraduates and $3,629 for graduate students. Non-resident students would pay an additional $338 per unit up to a maximum of $10,140, an increase from a present rate of $8,460. All fees are subject to change with further budget reductions.

The University will hold an open Budget Forum for faculty, staff, and students on April 29 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room 130 of the Mary Stuart Rogers Building on the Turlock campus to update the campus community and review all budgetary matters to date.

Contact: Don Hansen, (209) 667-3997

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