CSU Fullerton -- November 24, 2003

New Master Development Plan Approved for Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton has moved forward in its ongoing efforts to meet the region's educational needs by seeking and receiving approval of a new master development plan.

The master plan, which provides a framework for implementing the university's goals and programs by identifying needed facilities and improvements to support growth and development, was approved today by the California State University Board of Trustees.

"Our campus has been operating under a master plan last changed in 1993," noted President Milton A. Gordon. "As the campus matures, the needs of the campus and the community we serve change. This master plan reflects both the reality and our vision for Cal State Fullerton."

Included in the revised master plan is the first-ever increase of the campus's original enrollment cap of 20,000 full-time equivalent students (FTES) to 25,000 FTES. One FTE equals 15 units of student course work and is the basis for allocating state funding to the university. The campus's fall student enrollment is 32,592 students and 23,428 FTES.

"Cal State Fullerton has seen a tremendous increase in students attending the campus - an average of four to five percent annually," noted Jay Bond, associate vice president for facilities management. "To meet this need, we pursued expansion opportunities off campus, which resulted in the El Toro Campus and Garden Grove Center, plus offerings at the Irvine Spectrum and Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana."

If enrollment growth continues at the current pace, the increased enrollment cap is expected to accommodate growth through 2010, or even 2012.

The main campus consists of 21 permanent buildings or building clusters on 236 acres of land. Major structures include Langsdorf Hall, Paulina June & George Pollak Library and Titan Student Union, as well as the Titan Sports Complex. The Fullerton Arboretum, a 26-acre preserve developed in cooperation with the city of Fullerton, is located on the northeast corner of campus. The Fullerton Marriott, on the university's southeast side, opened in 1989.

The master plan defines potential sites for up to 15 additional campus facilities, including a College of Business and Economics building proposed for state funding in 2004-05 and a student-funded recreation center slated to begin construction in 2005. The master plan includes proposed sites for additional parking structures and student housing, plus a meeting and dining facility on the east side of campus, as well as expansions of the campus bookstore, the central utilities complex and the Ruby Gerontology Center.

In addition, the plan incorporates the College Park Building located south of the campus and acquired by the California State University, Fullerton Foundation in 2000. Future projects for the site include development of faculty, staff and student housing, a multilevel parking structure and related office/retail space.

"Rapid and extensive changes in the physical development of the campus are already under way and are expected to continue," said Bond, noting the recent completion of the Kinesiology and Health Science addition and the current construction of the new Performing Arts Center and a parking structure on the campus' west side. "As the campus grows, we are determined to make wise land use and campus design decisions that will enhance the quality of life for students and faculty here and reflect the quality of the California State University."

Cal State Fullerton's master development plan was established through a two-year process that included many public forums. A copy of the master plan, including maps of potential construction sites can be viewed at http://fmsc.fullerton.edu/mdp/mdp.htm.

Media Contacts: Jay Bond, associate vice president for facilities management, at (714) 278-2122 or jbond@fullerton.edu   Pamela McLaren of Public Affairs at (714) 278-4852 or pmclaren@fullerton.edu

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