Cal Poly San Luis Obispo -- October 22, 2003

Cal Poly's 'Virtual' Vision Takes Another Leap Forward

Already known for having one of the most technically advanced admissions offices and Web sites in the country, Cal Poly has launched its first virtual "Viewbook."

"The digital 'viewbook' -- or student recruitment brochure -- contains varied multimedia, such as Flash animation, 360-degree images and digital video," said James Maraviglia, assistant vice president for admissions, recruitment and financial aid. "From interviews to virtual campus tours …dynamic video presentations to photo spreads … it is a virtual exploration of our campus that has no bounds."

It was produced by Albert Nunez, assistant director of admissions and recruitment and his associate Leo Ko, along with a team of students and staff members as part of the unit's commitment to a campuswide, student-centered approach to enrollment, according to Maraviglia.

"Students tell us we have seven seconds to capture their attention, and they want information available to them on their time," Maraviglia said.

This is just the latest, cost-cutting tool the university is using to communicate effectively with prospective students. Cal Poly already sends out regular "flash" e-mails to prospects, and the university's entire application process is online.

The university expects more than 30,000 applications this year through CSU Mentor, an online resource designed to help students and their families learn about the California State University, select a CSU campus to attend, plan to finance higher education, and apply for admission.

To take a virtual tour, go to

Contact: James Maraviglia (805) 756-2913

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