CSU Channel Islands -- September 10, 2003

CSU Channel Islands Implements Faith Leaders and Domestic Violence Prevention Grant

California State University Channel Islands has received a grant of $596,500 for a two and one-half year project funded by the California Department of Health Services to implement the Faith Leaders and Domestic Violence (FLDV) Project within the state of California. This is a unique statewide training project to educate faith leaders from all denominations on the importance of their role in domestic violence prevention. The project also hopes to enhance the involvement of faith leaders in family violence prevention activities in their communities.

Faith leaders play a key role in a coordinated community response to domestic violence and are in an ideal position to identify and intervene with families that may be at risk. Dr. Barbara Thorpe, CSUCI Associate Vice President of Academic Programs, commented, "CSUCI is very excited about developing the Faith Leaders Project because we recognize the important role the University can play in addressing the pervasive problem of family violence." Thorpe added, "Working with the faith community aids in the overall development of healthy communities. Family violence is one of the most critical public health issues of our time, and the University is developing ways to reach out to faith leaders to tackle the issue."

The FLDV project has established an Inter-Faith Advisory Council to ensure representation from all faith denominations within California. Workshops for faith community leaders are being developed and pilot-tested this fall.

For more information about the FLDV project, contact Jocelyn Harriott, Project Coordinator, at (805) 383-6045 or email: Jocelyn.harriott@csuci.edu.

Media Contact: Peggy Hinz or Kent Baxter - 805-437-8415

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