CSU Long Beach -- August 27, 2003

Long Beach State Athletics Program Receives NCAA Certification

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Committee on Athletics Certification today announced that the athletic program at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) has received full certification. The designation of certified means that an institution has shown that it operates its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the NCAA Division I membership.

"Once again, the NCAA has recognized the importance this university places on the young men and women who participate in our athletics programs," said CSULB President Robert C. Maxson. "Our athletes are students first, and we pay a great deal of attention to their ability to do well in the classroom and to graduate. I am very proud that our campus has earned the NCAA's full certification."

This is the second consecutive time CSULB has received full certification of its athletics program from the NCAA. In 1996, the campus was one of the first universities to receive full certification of its program among some 300 eligible.

In preparation for its most recent NCAA review, Long Beach State began an intensive self-study process that included more than 50 members of the faculty, staff, administration, student body and community working over a two-year period. The self-study committee analyzed the athletics department's academic and fiscal integrity, governance and commitment to rules compliance, and commitment to equity, welfare and sportsmanship. Three public meetings were offered so that campus and community members could comment on CSULB's athletics program.

Following completion of the self-study, a peer group of administrators from other NCAA member institutions visited the campus in April and interviewed more than 90 persons during the process of their review. They then reported their findings to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification, which rendered the final decision.

The purpose of the certification program is to ensure integrity in athletics operations and to assist athletics departments improve their operations. Legislation mandating athletics certification was adopted by a vote of NCAA Division I.

Media Contacts: Rick Gloady, 562/985-5454, rgloady@csulb.edu, and Shayne Schroeder, 562/985-1727, schroede@csulb.edu.

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