Campus: Humboldt State University -- June 06, 2003

Settlement Reached Between HSU And Native American Studies Professors

A voluntary settlement agreement has been finalized between Humboldt State University and three professors from HSU's Native American Studies department who had filed suit against the California State University system in September 2001.

Under the terms of the agreement, Joseph Giovannetti will continue as a member of HSU's Native American Studies department. Kathleen Hill and Joseph Dupris resigned from their positions at HSU effective Friday, May 23, 2003. The university is providing monetary support to help them bridge to new employment opportunities. Dupris was recently granted tenure and promotion to associate professor.

University officials expressed satisfaction with the terms of the agreement and relief that the legal issues have been resolved, stating that the resolution of the dispute is in the long-term best interests of the university.

"Humboldt State University remains committed to maintaining a Native American Studies department that is both viable and vital," said university President Rollin C. Richmond. " I am proud to be part of an institution that has a decades-long commitment of support for Indians in higher education and will do all in my power to uphold it."

Humboldt State began offering a Native American Studies major in 1994. The Native American Studies department was established in 1998. Both are unique in the CSU system, fostering academic and personal perspectives into the culture, government, history and other aspects of the American Indian experience. Humboldt State is in the process of conducting a search for two Native American Studies faculty positions.

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