Campus: CSU Hayward -- May 30, 2003

Cal State Hayward Continues to Earn Public Recognition For Environmental, Waste Reduction Efforts

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Recycling Board is the latest public agency to recognize California State University, Hayward's successful efforts to protect the environment through waste prevention and recycling.

Cal State Hayward was one of four organizations in Alameda County to receive the 2003 Business Efficiency Award from the "Stopwa$te Partnership," a cooperative program of the county waste management authority and recycling board with the Economic Alliance for Business, East Bay Municipal Utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Science Applications International Corp. The award was presented during the May 16 meeting of the Economic Development Alliance for Business Leaders in San Leandro.

In earning the county-wide award, the university was honored for beginning a food scrap collection in its University Union building, beginning a single-stream recycling system for its residential apartments on campus, and meeting state recycling standards nearly a year ahead of schedule.

During an April city council meeting, the City of Hayward recognized Cal State Hayward with an Environmental Achievement Award for its efforts in those areas.

Future university efforts to protect the environment will soon be enhanced with the installation of a solar electric system at Cal State Hayward, which was announced in early May. The 1.05 megawatt solar electric system, built by Northern California-based PowerLight Corp., will provide a clean, reliable, cost-effective source of electricity, leveraging the area's abundant sunlight. The on-site solar generation system will deliver approximately 30 percent of the campus' peak electricity demand during the summer months.

CSUH expects to recycle 50 percent of the campus waste stream by January 2004, according to Terry Beebe, the university's energy specialist.

"We're very pleased with the efforts that we've been able to put in place here on campus," Beebe said. "But this is not the work of just one person. A lot of our students, faculty, and staff have pitched in to help us protect the environment."

Norma Rees, CSUH president, said she is proud of the recognition given to the university for waste management efficiency and recycling.

"Efficiency in all areas of our campus is so vital to our university, especially in these very difficult economic times," said Rees. "These efforts by our students and employees are helping us in real financial terms and towards being good neighbors with the communities we serve here in the East Bay."

Recognition for the Cal State Hayward in areas of waste reduction, recycling and water conservation go back to 1997 when the university was honored with an Environmental Achievement Award, sponsored by the City of Hayward and the Hayward Chamber of Commerce.

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