Campus: San Jose State University -- April 04, 2003

SJSU President to take new post in Maryland

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents announced today the appointment of Robert L. Caret as president of Towson University, beginning July 1. Caret has served as president of San José State University since 1995. Before that he served as provost and executive vice president at Towson, capping a career of 21 years at the Maryland University.

Statement by Robert L. Caret:
Several months ago, I removed my name from consideration for the Presidency of Towson University (TU). Since that time, Towson has continued to review candidates for the position but has been unsuccessful in finding the right match to meet its needs. I have periodically received calls from several individuals at Towson who have attempted to convince me that I was the right match, partly due to my long history with TU and partly due to the match they saw between the needs of the campus and my skills and abilities. They asked that I reconsider. I said no many times but, as the dialog has unfolded, I feel I must now say yes.

My 21-year history with Towson was a big factor in this decision. My family and I helped it grow and evolve for many years. We know that Towson has a great deal of untapped potential. I feel that I can play an important role in helping TU maximize that potential and continue to develop as one of the premiere institutions in this country. We are also drawn back to the East Coast for personal reasons; most of our family and most of our history are there. The professional fit, the personal ties and history, and the opportunity from a career growth perspective all have contributed to this decision.

In December, the outpouring of support from family, the campus, the community, and the leadership of the system and state led me to my original decision to stay at San José State. As I said at that time, the position of president forges both strong professional and personal links between the individual and the institution. Over the last eight years, my family and I have become an intimate part of the SJSU family. We have enjoyed that family and the larger community of which it is a part. Much has been accomplished at SJSU and there is much, much more to do. I hope I have played a significant part in getting us to where we are today. I know the university will be successful in finding a leader who can continue to expand on that progress.

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