Campus: CSU Hayward -- January 31, 2003

CSUH Career Development Director Says Jobs Exist for New Grads Who Seek Them

David Travis, in his first year as director of the Career Development Center at California State University, Hayward, won't allow the current state of the economy to discourage students and recent graduates seeking to enter the career world.

"There are jobs out there for our students and graduates seeking them," Travis said. "We simply have to teach our students and graduates how to do a job search better than anyone else."

Travis began helping college students enter the job market in the late 1960s at two other universities and has also owned his own businesses, believes that students and recent graduates preparing to enter the workforce should be able to find work if they know how to conduct a proper job search.

The 61-year old Travis started working at Cal State Hayward last June. He said career seekers must be familiar with "job search techniques that include knowing how to write a resume and how to network with people who make decisions in the career fields that interest that seeker."

"Students are finding jobs," Travis said. "There are jobs out there despite the current state of the economy."

Travis said that the most promising fields for current job seekers are in nursing, teaching, accounting, business, and sales.

However, he acknowledges that with the slowdown of the economy that started about a year ago, circumstances have changed somewhat.

"A few years ago, when the economy was better, there were so many jobs going unfilled that employers were offering signing bonuses to new graduates in specializations that were in short supply," Travis said. "That's not the way employers are generally recruiting today, but there are jobs for the taking if you have the qualifications and the interest."

Previously, Travis helped college students find their first jobs as director of the Placement Center at Cal State Los Angeles (1968 to 1970) and as director of the Career Center at Humboldt State (1970 to 1973).

He also served two separate tenures as an administrator for the Chancellor's Office of the California State University system. From 1973 to 1980 he was associate dean of Student Affairs, with supervisory responsibilities over student programs in health services, counseling, and career planning and placement. He returned to the Chancellor's Office in 1999 as associate director of student services and as associate administrator for Cal StateTEACH, the accelerated teacher education and training program for those seeking their teaching credential. He also served as a senior instructional assistant at College of the Redwoods in Eureka (1997 to 1999).

Travis also was owner-manager of a private residential security service in Lake Arrowhead and of two restaurants in Eureka, which provided him with additional insight into the needs of employers.

He predicts that the job market will again open up as the first of 80 million "baby boomers", those born between 1945 and 1964, begin retiring during the next seven to eight years.

Travis and his wife Georgia reside in Livermore. They have six grown children.

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