Campus: CSU Chico -- November 25, 2002

Archaeology Society Moves Headquarters to CSU Chico

The Society for California Archaeology (SCA) has moved its business affairs and publishing activities to California State University, Chico, under the direction of Greg White, director of the Archaeological Research Program.

White and the Archaeological Research Program were awarded a $33,000 grant to manage the SCA business office, hire a half-time manager, and acquire necessary facilities and equipment.

The board also approved an additional award of $14,000 annually to produce the quarterly magazine California Archaeology. White serves as editor-in-chief of the publication, which is printed locally and distributed throughout the country. He was voted to membership on the executive board of SCA in June 2002.

"The SCA could have chosen any campus in the CSU, UC, or community college systems in California, and we are very proud to have been selected for this duty. Presence of the headquarters here on campus allows our students to observe and participate in the workings of statewide cultural heritage activity, mingle with potential employers, and learn the importance of dedication to the professional organization," said White.

The SCA is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization with open membership. It provides a forum for professional and amateur historians, archaeologists, and tribal representatives to share information about California's ancient cultural heritage.

The society has been instrumental in the enactment of state and local historical resource law and policy, celebration of California Archaeology Month, and support of historical societies. It has strongly encouraged California Indian involvement in cultural resource planning and action against unethical archaeological activity in the state.

For more information on the SCA, visit its Web site at http://

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